Friday, 24 September 2010

The Saga of Glo Sponsorship Contract Continues

The never ending GFA/Midsea and GLO sponsorship saga has taken another turn as another firm, ABN Marketing Consulting LTD claims to be the initial agents that brokered the GFA/GLO sponsorship deal.

Directors of ABN Consulting at a news conference yesterday said the GFA sidestepped them after mandating them in 2006 to solicit for sponsorship for the Ghana league which they did.

ABN has written to the FA to pay it 10% of the 15 million dollars sponsorship for acting as the agent and also abrogate the contract between them (GFA) and Midsea/Afrisat.

ABN also wants to be recognised as the official agent for the GFA/GLO sponsorship deal.

Source: Joy Sports/Ghana

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