Friday, 24 September 2010

The Ghana Coaching Job

Ghana has being seen as a pace setter and yet can not trust her own people to do the Black star coaching job. After all Ghana has a history of being a four times African champions which they never got any of the trophies under a foreign coach but with local coaches. Ghana won the Under twenty world cup with a local coach, and yet can not trust the same local coach with the senior team. The GFA has said any body will be given the job no matter the race or colour, which means that they are not yet ready to give the job to a local coach. History tells that no foreign coach have been able to gain even a bronze medal for Ghana and yet we keep chasing then to take charge of the team. This time the whole of Ghana and Africa in general is pleading with the Ghana Football Association(GFA) to elect a local coach for the senior team. God bless Ghana, God bless Black star.

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